Tips for Listening to Your Teen

If your teen is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism in Fort Lauderdale, you may feel understandably frustrated. It is completely natural for parents to feel overwhelmed, sad, and even angry. However, it is important to remember that your teenager needs your love and support as he or she enters rehab. Support from family and friends is essential to overcoming any addiction. Simply listening to your son or daughter is a key part of understanding his or her struggle. Below you’ll see a few strategies that can help you communicate more effectively with your teen during and after the recovery process.

Foster Safe Environment

Fostering a safe space is the best way to get your teen to open up about addiction or alcoholism. If your teen is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, he or she may feel understandably anxious about being punished. Instead of threatening your teen, create a safe space. Before beginning any conversation about drugs or alcohol, tell your son or daughter that you will not be discussing rules or discipline. Instead, tell your children that you are just there to listen, and there will be no disciplinary repercussions.

Ask Good Questions

Listening to your teenager talk about alcohol or drug abuse also involves asking good questions. If you simply sit silently, he or she may feel embarrassed—or as though you do not understand the situation. Even if your teen simply wants to vent, nod encouragingly throughout the conversation. When you do ask questions, calmly ask how he or she feels about losing friends, struggling at school, or having a hard time at home. Never attempt to speak for your teen or assume you know the answers to these questions.

Remove All Distractions

To encourage your teen to share, make sure to turn off your smartphone before beginning any conversation. If you are constantly interrupted by calls from your spouse, other siblings, or the office, your teenager will feel as though he or she has no support in the struggle with drug abuse or alcoholism.

Preparing to Talk to Your Teen

Teen therapy near Fort Lauderdale is an essential part of helping many teenagers recover from alcoholism or addiction. Watch this video to learn how you should prepare to talk to your son or daughter about drug and alcohol abuse.

It can seem overwhelming to confront your son or daughter about alcoholism or addiction. Instead of simply demanding that he or she get immediate treatment for substance abuse or face severe consequences, it helps to address the root of a teen substance problem. Making sure you understand why he or she is feeling isolated, rebellious, or unhappy is key to helping your child succeed in substance abuse treatment.

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

Because the brain does not finish developing until you reach the age of 24, drug abuse and alcohol abuse in Fort Lauderdale can have a profound effect on your brain. Underage drinking can significantly delay the development of crucial areas of the brain. Chronic alcohol abuse can cause serious, permanent brain damage.

Watch this video to learn more about how alcohol abuse can affect the brain. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction or drug addiction, you should talk to a trusted adult about the possibility of participating in teen alcohol counseling or substance abuse treatment.

Meet CEO Cici Kelly

Every member of the Bougainvilla House is dedicated to providing teens and their families with the professional care and resources needed to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Teens are a particularly high-risk group for alcohol abuse and addiction, so it is important that they have dedicated facilities to get the rehabilitation necessary for a long and healthy life.

In addition to a skilled clinical staff, the Bougainvilla House relies on its management team, which is led by CEO, Cici Kelly. Ms. Kelly has a diverse business background, having worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies before joining the team in Fort Lauderdale. Before taking on the role of CEO, Ms. Kelly served on the Board of Bougainvilla House, a position that offered her unique perspective on the business side of teen drug and alcohol counseling services. The management team also includes a Clinical Director and Director of Finance and Administration to ensure that the business is up and running to provide teens with the help they need.